Please pray for my only son who’s behind the walls at the California men’s colony. He’s serving 6 year sentence I pray that he finds the lord and his health and strength. I also want pray for myself, my health and strength. I also want you to pray that I grow in the lord, And I’m trying to live right And I need Prayer. I’m broken, My Heart Needs healing Please pray for me My Spirit needs Healing my family Relationships Need Healing.


Pray for all that are in the building tonight men women and children. Pray for my sons and grandson Pray for world


Pray for my daughters Janet, Renee, Antoinette, Joan that they get along all the time & not be so bad to each other.


Dear God I thank you for health and strength and for all the Blessings so easily taken for granted like food, air, transportation, shelter, means of communication and thousands of others that I could never count. I ask that you forgive my sins and help me to repent of all wrong doing. Thank you God for loving me and for giving me the ability to love others, I pray that you will Bless our Be Good To Women Day events. Please help them to be well attended and the people to be Blessed in life changing ways. I ask that your vision be made manifest in our efforts. Bless and keep us as we go about our work and empower us with your Holy Spirit. I ask these and all Blessings in the powerful, life giving name of Jesus, AMEN


I Erica Marlowe from Emmanuel HM Turner want to ask for a prayer for myself starting with my depression, my suicidal thoughts, my loneliness , my wanting not just a man in my life but a husband. Praying for myself to have patience and have faith in God and knowing he hears my request and he will never leave me. Praying for me to break all the chains that have me captured, The chains of depression, loneliness , suicidal, and the chains of the memories of abuse and rape. Break the chains of the continued thoughts of Suicide and loneliness , chains of feeling like what others tell me I am.


Oh my Church Please Pray for persons who don’t know the love of God. Who do not know that no weapon formed against God’s children can prosper. Amen, Amen


Thanking God for physical and spiritual healing of surgery. Prayer for the world,Peace and Compassion for each other.


Please pray for our marriage and for all marriages. Pry for my husband’s health and healing. Pray for our daughters break every chain.


Please pray for my daughter and son that GOD would show them how much he loves them and for them to love GOD with all their heart mind and soul.