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Brad Sanders – Founder

GalleryPhotoedubbayanLILLxEqCrNIGoTkYJkuGzJYFRThe idea for Be Good To Women Day came out of Brad’s nationally syndicated radio program, On The Phone With Ti-Rone. For over twenty years, “Ti-Rone” received thousands of phone calls, letters and e-mails from women with emotional stress as a result of their relationships with men. “The pain expressed by these women was so heartrending, it brought me to a realization that we are trampling God’s precious gift under our indifference and disrespect. It finally occurred to me that we men are too often completely clueless about what women go through and what they need from us. Deya Smith, my co-host at the time, said ‘So what are you going to do about it?’ That’s how Be Good To Women Day began.” Sanders hastens to add that Be Good To Women Day is not about bashing men. “It’s about motivating men to take their rightful place beside women. It’s about us inspiring each other and helping each other to be all that God intended. Together we will make it or not at all.”

Deya Smith – Co Founder

FV2013_RanceElgin_Deya-3Deya “Direct” Smith is a producer for The Tom Joyner Morning Show, host of Girlfriend FM and the Beyond the Studio celebrity interviews on BlackAmericaWeb.com. She is also a motivational speaker, actress, social commentator and author. She can be reached at DeyaDirect@aol.com.













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