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Picture6Freddie Muse, Jr. & The Men’s Cancer Network

The Men’s Cancer Network, Inc.* is dedicated to providing quality resources through personal experiences to underserved men with cancer in the community. Our network enriches the lives of men with cancer and their families by faithfully rendering essential services and an opportunity to flourish.

We are men cancer survivors and friends who come together for a common goal. We are Grandfathers, Fathers, Sons, Uncles and Cousins who know just what men with cancer are going through. We want to make our community aware of the importance of early detection and education of prostate cancer, as well as all other cancers.

The primary function of the Men’s Cancer Network, Inc. is to fill the gap in services not provided by other large organizations such as social activities, educational field trips, transportation to cancer facilities, coordination service with the American Cancer Society, and the opportunity for prayer if requested.

Dr. Lance Williams – Strategic Planner

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