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Be Good to Women Day and the Be Good to Women Collective is a national movement that was created in 2003 to eliminate damaging words, images and behaviors toward women and girls; and to promote a culture of equality, respect and love through education and advocacy to benefit all.

Be Good to Women Day (BGTWD) organizes and hosts community forums, prayer vigils and other events that educate men and women and promote spiritual and emotional healing.
Can you help us by making a contribution?

Send your check payable to:

                  Emmanuel-Henry McNeil Turner AME Church

                  5200 South Compton Ave.

                  Los Angeles, California 90011

                  Ph: 323-232-6322

              Please write BGTWD in the memo section.

Proceeds will be used to secure venues for various events, produce educational videos and cover promotional and other related expenses. We appreciate your thoughtful consideration.

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