Fifty nine women accused Bill Cosby of rape, drug facilitated sexual assault, sexual battery, child sexual abuse or sexual misconduct. Roger Ailes, Chairman and CEO of Fox News, TV Journalist Bill O’Reilly, Isiah Thomas; President and coach of the New York Nicks, Bill Clinton; President of The United States, President Donald Trump, United States Senator Al Franken, US Representative John Conyers, Larry Nassar; former USA gymnastics team doctor, Charley Rose; venerable and well respected journalist and TV host and Roy Moore; former Chief Justice and current US Senate candidate, have all sexually abused women and or girls who were under their implied or explicit authority.

There is a more sickening commonality; all of the women remained silent because they knew that no one would believe them. They’d have no credibility because they are mere females in a [M]ale dominated world. They are “Less Than”, Dispensable; Unequal. Fear of being vilified, denigrated, publicly humiliated, physically assaulted and/or  labeled unemployable has kept the women silent.

I won’t refer to or think of these  courageous sisters as victims. However, we must also consider the unimaginable number of women and girls who remain invisible and suffer in silence. To be clear, men are not the only abusers and young boys also suffer sexual abuse at an alarming rate.

The point is this: Adult men must stand beside women and girls and say No More! We must recognize that young boys are programmed by society to think it’s OK to violate a woman or girl’s physical space.

If we men don’t change our mental attitude towards females and work to end sex bias,  society as a whole will suffer for it. We must eliminate negative words, images and behaviors toward women and girls while promoting equality, respect and love through education and advocacy for the benefit of all.

This is the mission of Be Good To Women Day®/The Be Good To Women Collective. Join us.

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