We have been inundated ad nauseam with Donald Trump’s misogynistic stream of abusive language and reported sexual assaults upon women and their feelings of being powerless to defend themselves against him.

The fact that Trump is wrong is inarguable; but he is not the problem. Donald J Trump is what you get in a society when women are not considered to be equal. Because of this  attitude toward women and girls it’s OK to rape, abuse and ignore them. You can do whatever you want to a woman just because she’s female.

Focusing on Trump won’t solve his sickness or our problem. The fact that millions of people, men and women, are willing to ignore his total disrespect for anyone who is not white and male and support him for president, tells us that we are the ones with the sickness. We are the ones who let Trump happen.

We must work to change the psychology of inequality if we are to save this nation. Join the fight. It’s up to “We The People.” Government can’t do it. It’s been bought and sold.

Brad Sanders-Co-Founder

Be Good To Women Day / The Be Good To Women Collective


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